Diwan Venkat Rao

Our illustrious ancestor Venkat Rao was Diwan of Kochi state from 1856 to 1860 AD under the regime of Maharaja Ravi Varma. He was known to be a strict administrator and brought in sweeping changes being well respected (especially by the Maharaja).

It is said that the Diwan had a premonition that a Hanuman temple should be built and found an idol of Hanuman swayambhu as he had a vision in his dream. He requested for land which was promptly provided by the Maharaja. This is now a famous temple called Shree Hanuman Kovil located in central Ernakulam ( Cochin). The temple also has a Raghavendra Swamy Brindavana. Ramanavami, Hanumadh Jayanthi and Rayaru Aradhane are conducted on a grand scale. Sarvamoola Paata was conducted for Diwan here. Today it is also a place where various shastras are taught.

Diwan Venkat Rao’s eldest son was Srinivasa Rao, our great grandfather.

Jagannath Rao & Raghunath Rao