Koti Gita Lekhana Yajna (Puthige Matha)

हरि सर्वोत्तम । वायु जीवोत्तम । श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः ।

देवं नारायणं नत्वा सर्वदोषविवर्जितं ।
परिपूर्णं गुरूंश्चान् गीथार्थं वक्ष्यामि लेशतः ॥ 

Adoring the Lord, Shriman Narayana, devoid of all defects, complete in Himself, and also the (Eternal) Teacher, (I am) narrating the meaning of (Bhagavad) Gita, leaving nothing to be explained.

[Gitaabhaashya Mangala Shloka by Jagadguru Shri Madhvacharya]

समस्तगुणसंपूर्णं सर्वदोषविवर्जितं ।
नारयणं नमस्कृत्य गीतातात्पर्यमुच्यते ॥

Adoring the Lord, Shriman Narayana, complete in all attributes and devoid of all defects, I narrate the summation of the (Bhagavad) Gita.

[Gitaataatparya Mangala Shloka by Jagadguru Shri Madhvacharya]

Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and offer back to the Lord in your own handwriting, the Lord’s glorious message and teachings that He gave solely to help His devotees cross this worldly ocean of troubles with ease and joy.

For easy reference, Sahuri has made available the original BhagavadGita published by HH Swamiji along with English meaning translated by Guru Bannanje Govindacharya with the option to choose multiple scripts (see Aksharamukha icon on top right of website).

Official Puthige Matha Site for Koti Gita Lekhana Yajna . More information in brochure below

The recommended Sankalpa for Gita writers is:

  • To write Gita daily – at least one shloka per day
  • Give up one bad habit
  • Take up one good practice
  • Encourage others to participate in this Gita Yajna
  • During HH Puthige Swamiji’s Paryaaya (Jan 18 2024 – Jan 18 2026) visit Udupi and offer your hand-written Gita book to the Lotus feet of Lord Shri Krishna and receive the same back as His blessings!